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The Not Old Better Show, 2018. Image, courtesy of Smithsonian.

As part of our Smithsonian Associates Art Of Living Interview Series, our guest today on the Not Old Better Showis Matthew Yokobosky. Matthew Yokoboskyis senior curator of fashion and material culture at the Brooklyn Museum, the site of the last stop on the world tour of the David Bowie Isexhibition. The David Bowieexhibition has been getting rave reviews, and the Brooklyn Museum, under the direction of Matthew Yokobosky, was designed specifically for the exhibition, which added 100 new works.

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The Brooklyn Museum

Matthew and I discuss how the exhibition and how it was adapted for the Brooklyn Museum’s unique gallery spaces and audience, and how the content and design of the exhibition merged to create an immersive, visitor experience featuring the art, fashion and remarkable career of David Bowie.

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Fashion Designed by David Bowie, on loan to Brooklyn Museum, David Bowie Is

Learn more about this episode of The Not Old Better Showat https://notold-better.com

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