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Me, left, and my view as I exercised early each morning this week.
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The new normal was tested, at least for me, this morning as we entered Phase 2 of COVID 19 coronavirus reopening. As of Monday, gyms and fitness outlets can now officially reopen in Northern Virginia, where I live, with restrictions and many new regulations. But working out isn’t going to be the same for a while.

My gym has reopened, and I’ll say from my 3 early morning workouts, things are different but in a good way. Our guest today, Director of Science and Research Content for the American Council on Exercise, Sabrena Jo will be discussing all this and more…

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Sabrena Jo, Director of Science & Research Content, American Council on Exercise

You’ll hear our guest today, Sabrena Jo, left, and we’re talking about getting back to exercise, visiting your re-opened gym, and I will tell you that in my experience, the gym has changed…Visually the gym has been reconfigured so that each gym member is six feet or more apart when exercising. The studios for spin and pilates will also re-start with a reduced class schedule to make time for sanitizing pilates machines.

There are many new regulations, for example, all members, tennis players, spin/pilates class attendees will be required to line up outside, six-feet apart, and wait for an instructor to open the doors. Gym members must get their temperature read before entering, and will be getting an email [explaining] that bathrooms, lobby space, water dispensers, steam room, child care, etc., will be temporarily unavailable.

Since gyms were forced to close in mid-March, my gym has been running free classes via their web Live five days a week to keep their community engaged.

From what I can see when exercising recently is that only a small percentage of members want to resume in-person workouts. In conversation with my gym management, they found about 50 percent were eager to return, while the other half was hesitant. Northern Virginia gyms are able to reopen with 30% capacity, and I wasted no time getting in there early this morning to get my workout in and resume my new normal, hopping right back on my favorite machines, but at 6 to 10 feet apart.

What does it all mean, should you stay away, individual choices and decisions to be sure, but we’ll be joined by Sabrena Jo to discuss it…

Don’t say away, and please join me in welcoming to The Not Old Better Show, Sabrena Jo.

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