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Michael Wolf hosts The Smart Kitchen Show, among others

We’re joined today by Michael Wolf. Mike is kind enough to catch up with us via his vantage point, live at 2017 CES. Michael Wolf is writer, host of The Smart Home Show, The Smart Kitchen Show, proprietor of the Technology.FM web portal of like-minded technologists,, with daily analysis and reporting about the smart kitchen and the food tech revolution, including personalized nutrition.

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Michael Wolf’s Smart Kitchen Summit. 2017 Pre-registration HERE

Mike is also the founder of the annual event, The Smart Kitchen Summit (at which, from the web site, “is the leading event dedicated to exploring the intersection of tech, food, design, and commerce in the connected kitchen.” 2017 Pre-registration can be made HERE.

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Michael Wolf

Mike is covering 2017 CES, live from Las Vegas, featuring the latest in consumer electronics, connected cars, sports tech and more from the gathering of companies tiny and gigantic, all showing their products, especially those in the Smart Home, Smart Kitchen space, and of particular interest to The Not Old Better Audience.

Via SKYPE, as he navigates the massive crowds at CES 2017, live, I want to welcome Michael Wolf to The Not Old Better Show.

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