Marshall Tucker Band Interview, Doug Gray, Lead Singer

Welcome to The Not Old Better Show. My guest today, Doug Gray, frontman, lead singer for the Marshall Tucker Band, is part of Rock & Roll legend, aristocracy, and good man, US Army vet all rolled into one.

Now, at age 68, nearly 45 years since first taking the highway, Doug Gray is loving life, the music, and the fans, as the guiding force, leader, mastermind, master-of ceremonies and lead-singer for the Marshall Tucker Band. The Marshall Tucker Band, formed in the early 1970s and, in the early-to-mid-1970s, they played a string of show as opening act for The Allman Brothers Band, another rock and roll legend. Both groups, incidentally, became famous for their jazzy solos, blues-rock and extended jams.

“Heard It In a Love Song,” which, of course, you’re listening to now, is one of the Marshall Tucker Band’s most recognizable hits, and a song that took Gray, as lead singer, is a Southern Rock classic, and reached #14 on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart.”

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©2017 Marshall Tucker Band

Doug Gray, a U.S. Army, loves the settings of small intimate theaters, like Tally Ho, where the Marshall Tucker Band will be performing Thursday, June 15, 2017.

In recent years, the Marshall Tucker Band has been paid “a whole lot of respect” by younger generations of musicians, despite not having had a hit in years.

Many country bands have begun to cover the band’s tunes.

And that has put this band back in demand, even as Gray now stands as the only original member remaining with the group.

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Founding Member, Doug Gray, lead singer, Marshall Tucker Band ©2015 Doug Gray

The Marshall Tucker Band will be performing live at the (tickets and details, click here) Tally Ho Theater, June 15, 2017, but we’ve got Doug Gray today on The Not Old Better Show.

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