Today’s tip on VO work is about getting work.

David Lawrence XVII Tells Us about the “Abraham Lincoln” Method of VO work

oday’s tip on VO work is about getting work.

Let’s face it… it can be hard getting your VO practice off the ground.

There are tons of voice over training products out there, but many are aimed at experienced A-level talent (and many of them are flat out scams)… and that presents a bit of a problem for new talent to the industry.

That wasn’t me, and I didn’t want that. I needed to know the basics first, learn it deeply, apply it via my podcast and other projects, and learn it from someone I know and have confidence in.

Which is why I’m so excited about this latest FREE training I just watched from David H. Lawrence XVII

Watch the video, now, HERE (

In today’s newest video, David introduces you to what he calls the “Abraham Lincoln Method,” something he’s been using for years when first getting started in a new line of work.

  • He used it when he started working in technology…
  • He used it to become an on-camera actor…
  • And he used it when he first started in voice over.

And he got great results every time.

David shows YOU how to do just that, even if you’ve never cracked the mic or hit the record button.

You gotta check this out:

P.S. David also explains a brain-dead Simple and easy-to-implement way to become the kind of talent producers HUNGER to work with, and how to use that approach to build your VO practice, and maximize your VO booking rate.

Go here now to watch the free video:

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