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Today’s show is special…and while all shows are special, we’re at or near the end of the year, and the holidays are upon us. We’ve done great shows this year, and recently been given great opportunities with great guests. Consider this show to be along those same lines…a great guest, and a great subject. Albeit, a tough, challenging, and almost taboo subject, but important.

Also important this time of year is to give, without expectation.

Today’s guest, Cecile Shrestha, is director of philanthropy at non profit WaterAid.

WaterAid needs your attention, and they deserve it. WaterAid ranks highly on charitynavigator.org and is one of the world’s most efficient non profits, returning over 82% directly to programs, accountability and transparency, and their fine efforts.

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Consider, please, a donation at this time of year to WaterAid.

But, please consider something else, too.

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One person in three lacks access to adequate sanitation. The result is widespread death and disease — especially among children — and social marginalization. Women are particularly vulnerable. Poor sanitation exposes females to the risk of assault, and when schools cannot provide clean, safe toilets girls’ attendance drops.

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Join me in welcoming to the show, Cecile Shrestha.

Born and raised in Nepal, Cecile joined WaterAid in 2015, bringing with her over twelve years of experience in international development. At WaterAid, she manages key relationships with supporters, through events, outreach, and board development. Ms Shrestha has an M.A, and she is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of UCSD.

Cecile’s work and her story are amazing.

Please consider a donation to WaterAid (at wateraid.org) on behalf of safe clean water for drinking and cleaning.

Thank you.

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