Yeah, this is par for the course, unfortunately. Well done, Ainslie. I, too, write about this subject, but from another, perhaps opposite end, perspective: that of a 58 year old male. Recently, on a rare in person interview<only because I’ve, for all and intents and purposes, given up interviewing> had a manager say, statement form, and not a question: “ how can someone like you, at your age, expect to communicate with the millennial workers we hire.” I make no bones about my age, writing about it openly. So, it’s no secret to anyone who cares to “check me out” via social media. But, when I raised the issue, as discriminatory, to the HR lead, she asked: “was anyone else there to hear this?” I said “no,” and she responded with, “we don’t encourage that, but there’s nothing we can do.” Unfortunately or not, this kind of illegal, or grey area, stuff goes on all the time and making this <nameless large organization> aware went nowhere. And, neither did I.

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